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N Scale Layout

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From the beginning….

Please enjoy this picture series as it shows what our members were able to accomplish in such a short time.

In March 2011 the membership of the club gave the go ahead to begin construction of an N scale layout in an area used for storage and a club room.  While the new club room was being built meetings were held to iron out the details for the new layout and in June demolition had begun.


First things first.  A lot of cleaning had to be done. The existing rooms had to be demolished, new walls built and a new ceiling had to be installed with good lighting.  Once the room was completed the track plan had already been approved and bench work construction could begin.


As the new year began the track plan was printed and in place on the roadbed.  The N scale committee had set a target date of September 8th for the grand opening of the new layout. The layout as capable of simultaneous DC and DCC operation.


Congratulations were in order.  Our members had met the deadline of September 2012 and the N scale layout was operational.  And then it happened, Wednesday, April 17th.  It had been a steady drizzle most of the day but the rain got heavier in to the night.  Elmhurst received 7 inches of rain in 7 hours and past experience had taught us that the news would not be good.      


Flooding was not going to deter the members.  After many full dumpsters, an army of dehumidifiers, and hours of scrubbing we were back in operation in 2 weeks and ready to re-open for our regular weekly open house the week after. 

                                                                                                                            The “brains” of this layout is the “Crestron” which runs its own software and makes the touch-screen operation extremely simple.  When the system came on line and was functioning as it should we held a small gathering and representatives from Kato USA in nearby Schaumburg stopped in to visit.


After the defeats and triumphs of 2013 it was time to settle down and get things going again.  Getting the set-up yard and mainline operating smoothly in conjunction with the computer system was at the top of the list.  After the mainline track was down, the scenery was planned and sidings were installed.


With an operational mainline in place it was time to get rid of the lumber yard look and start setting down some scenery.  The coal mine area was first up since it was located at the entrance to layout room and would be the first thing that visitors would see.



Layout Info

More info coming soon.