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HOn3 (Narrow Gauge)

In addition to our large HO main layout, the Elmhurst Model Railroad Club operates an HOn3 layout for members who enjoy narrow gauge model railroading.  This layout operates the same as the regular HO layout with DC and DCC options.

WHAT EXACTLY IS HOn3?  In simple terms it is a model railroad in which the scale is the same as HO scale (1:87 scale) but the gauge (distance between the rails) is 3 feet rather than the standard 4 feet 8 1/2 inches.

HOn3 rebuild.  Admittedly the first narrow gauge layout did not turn out exactly like we had hoped.  So the decision was made to tear up the majority of it and start fresh with a new track plan.  This new plan worked out to just over 2 scale miles with loops at one end and removing the helixes .  There was room for a town and depot as well as other small operations that would have found on a narrow gauge railroad.  Having loops at the end allowed us to plan for a “dramatic” canyon with either bridges or trestles that would be the first thing visitors see when they come in.  This area was started in 2018.  Another one of the special touches we are putting on this layout is the use of LED’s and other forms of lighting.  Some of it was commercially available and others were our own creations.

Layout Diagram

Layout Info

More info coming soon..